Delivery Time: 7-10 Working days

Price: $ 71.0815

Imprtant Note: This is slow service if delay it will be by Apple we cannot cancel or done until Apple release order ( Do not Force for cancel or use service if you cannot wait )

Must Provide Complete Sold To Report in Notes Field

Must Provide Complete Part Number

Must Provide Screenhint

Please Read Carefully Before Use

Note: May Be Some Delay in Answer Cancellation Not Possible in any Case

This Service Have Only 70-90% Success Rate if Not Done in 15-20 Max Days it will Be Rejected 

In Case of any Issue Please Provide Us Latest GSX Report With Next Theater Activation Policy At This Link(Ticket)  Your Order Will Be Verified

And Updated After Check With Supplier.

Note: Do Not Click On Verify Button Or Do not Send Any Verification At Email Whats App Or Skype