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????TFM Tool Pro Some Feature and Support????
????Download Mode Feature⤵️
➡️Unlock J250F in Few Second. No Risk But Data Erased.
➡️Screen Lock Remove Without Data Lose :> S7 & S7 Edge G930T/U/V/P/A. G935T/U/V/P/A.
➡️Restore Original IMEI, Repair Baseband, Fix Firmware Encounter
➡️FRP: 2016-2019 Some New Model FRP in Download Mode World 1st!
Like J530F,.J250F/Y,J330F/FN/G, G532F/G/M & More Update Model.
➡️Samsung Screen Lock Remove in Download Mode OEM & FRP on Some Model Only MTP(Normal Mode)Factory Reset. Remove MDM Lock .Reboot to Download Mode. Remove Factory Mode (No Need Adb or Root.)
➡️Adb:> Remove Screen Lock Without Data Loss (Root Required), Reset FRP
➡️Root,Without Loss Baseband
➡️Reset FRP in Fastboot Mode
➡️Factory Reset in Sideload Mode
➡️Mi Account Relock fix in ADB Mode
➡️Reset FRP 
➡️Write FW
➡️Reset FRP in Fastboot Mode
➡️Enable Diag.
➡️Read/write QCN
➡️Reset FRP 
➡️Reset FRP 
➡️Factory Reset
➡️Write FW
➡️Reset FRP,
➡️Write FW.
➡️Factory Reset
➡️Reset FRP.(Secure Boot Non Secure Boot.) 
➡️Write FW
➡️Reset FRP in MTP Mode. 
➡️Enable ADB in MTP Mode
➡️Factory Reset in MTP. 
➡️Root Like X210ma and Some Model.
????ADB and Fastboot⤵️
➡️Reset FRP, ➡️Remove Screen lock ➡️Multiple APK installation ➡️Reboot to Recovery,Reboot to Fastboot,Reboot from Fastboot ➡️Reset FRP in Fastboot, ➡️Reset FRP in Fastboot (SPD).